Vladi Cederman

I am passionate about creating attractive and engaging communication solutions and to that end I continuously explore new ways to approach and solve problems while improving my skillset. 

Once upon a time, in a land far away, the plans for my future career revolved around becoming an English teacher or a fiction literature translator. But toward the end of the last century things changed when I came in my first (and memorable) contact with a computer with a color monitor, MS Paint and word processing software (with those fancy 3D, shiny, shadowy effects!) It was then that I realized that I enjoy wrangling pixels more than I enjoy wrangling words and so I decided to combine both media and embarked on an ever-evolving journey in the fascinating world of visual communications. After over 15 years of making a living in creative messaging, I suspect that it’s for keeps.

During the course of my career I have applied my knowledge of various graphics software but specifically the Adobe Creative Suite into creating visual solutions for print, the web, educational software development, and video production. I’ve written copy for ads, and documented various work processes. I’ve also created styles manuals, edited reports, and have written short articles of my own.

If you managed to get past all the goofy gibberish above, why not soldier on and take a look at my work? Should you need a more formal account of my skills and experience, please check out my Résumé. I’d also very much like to hear from you, so drop me a line.

What I do for fun: Rock Climbing, Skiing, Biking.
My guilty pleasure: Chocolate. World of Warcraft.